BIgger Than Us

Shot in Malawi, Lebanon, Brazil, Greece, Indonesia, Uganda and the USA, Bigger Than Us sheds the light on a young generation, fighting for human rights, freedom of expression, climate, social justice, access to education and food, and a liveable climate. Aged 18 to 25, they tell us how to strive and what it means to be alive in a world of confusion.

In Indonesia, Melati leads an effort to fight the plastic pollution ravaging her country. Mohamad is a Syrian refugee who built a school when he was still a teenager himself to teach Syrian refugee children living in temporary camps in Lebanon. Winnie began organizing as a teenager and succeeded in changing the legal marriage age from 15 to 18 in Malawi. Memory bought herself an education by carrying food to her teachers in Uganda and now helps refugee farmers in her country learn permaculture to rehabilitate soils ravaged by chemical pesticides and overuse. All of them set an admirable and inspiring example in their quest to preserve human dignity and protect the natural environment, and to engage passionately in something “bigger than us.”

Flore Vasseur