10 BIllIon Mouths

Our global food system is under transformation. For decades, it has impoverished the earth, by costing it hundreds of animal and plant species, releasing gigatons of carbon emissions and costing real human lives. The way we produce, distribute and consume food is not up to the task of feeding 9-10 billion people without destroying the planetary conditions we depend on. In ’10 Billion Mouths’, we meet the entrepreneurs, policy makers, farmers, scientists and citizens who are showing a new and better way of providing the food we need. Hundreds of millions of small-scale farmers will be able to produce food sustainably. Plant production processes can become data-driven. Previously wasted food can be used to improve social equity. And sustainable diets can be healthier and more nutritious than those many people choose today. The challenges with our current food system are clear. Now it’s time to look at the solutions: this is how we nutritiously feed 10 billion mouths.

Mona Birch Torbensen