DIfferent VIllage

Bedriye Berber Engin, who lives in the Kurşunlu village of Bilecik, changed the lives of many women living in the village with herself. Bedriye’s adventure of reading books, which started at a young age, took her to meet eco-tourism. The dream that started in the book came true. Bedriye not only introduced her village to the world, but also initiated reverse migration from the city to the village, created income for the women living in the village and contributed to the development of the village. Now, this village welcomes its guests from many cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Eskisehir and even from abroad every weekend. Women living in the village cook from the products they produce, organize workshops in their gardens and introduce local flavors to local and foreign tourists. We watch the story of Bedriye and the other 3 women living in the village in this movie.

Sevde Tunç