The Sustainable Living Film Festival Returns to the Venues of Istanbul After the 2-year Pandemic Break!

Young people creating the future, people who have purpose greater than themselves, those who work for a restorative culture and a just world, in short, the pioneers of change you will meet at the SLFF2022 films will make you take a deep breath.

The Sustainable Living Film Festival returns to the venues of Istanbul after the 2-year pandemic break! SLFF2022 will also meet the audience from all over Turkey with its online version. In its 15th year, SYFF2022 will take place in Istanbul at Pera Museum Auditorium on November 22-26, at Hope Alkaza November 27-30 and then at on December 1-6 and will continue for 15 days.

Change Now!

The health of the ecosystem, and therefore the continuity of human existence, is closely related to what we think, how we feel and what we do collectively… Scientists are the ones who know best that the steps we take now will determine what kind of world we will live in in the near future, and the young people are the ones who feel the stress of it most intensely.

How do we go beyond just talking about the economic, social and ecological systems that we have shaped by the current world perception and value sets are collapsing? Is a fair transition process possible for all?

Being a Pioneer of Change

SLFF is an impact-oriented film festival that aims to support the process of socio-cultural change which is critical to our planet. It sees its audience as pioneers of change and prepares its selections with the aim of empowering, inspiring and activating them by creating empathy.

With the stories it sheds light on every year since 2008, the festival tries to make the ecological, social and economic systems we are a part of and all the dynamics in which we are interdependent realized by people. Moreover, it shows that despite the accelerating global problems, those who have a greater purpose than themselves can make a difference anywhere, under any circumstance.

SLFF2022 Selection

In its 15th year, SLFF is being prepared  for those who want to be a pioneer of change and bringing people together, who have a sense of compassion and justice towards all living things.  With the SLFF2022 selection, it is possible to take a world tour, to be emotionally teleported, to be amazed, to be encouraged and say “I can do it”, or even “I will do it”!

With the feature-length and short documentaries in its selection, SYFF invites viewers to witness the young people who are creating the future, those who care for the goodness and justice for all living things, the actors of a restorative and healing culture that is blooming everywhere across all topics, the clues to the transformation of the food system and more. Festival participants will watch the endless energies, creativity and perseverance of people from all walks of life, all ages, and who come out of all kinds of difficult conditions; and will be inspired by the works of people who take care of farmers, fishermen, youth, children, women, sea, coasts, forests, mountains, wildlife, insects and flowers in the region where they live.

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